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MA03 – Product Advertising

In MA03 – Product Advertising, we were asked to produce an A2 portrait-aligned poster based on photography, to be used as a promotional poster for a product. We were to carry out the process of planning, shooting and editing the poster into a finished product ready for print. The poster itself had to include a picture taken at a pedestrian zone by night, a studio shoot of a product, a slogan and a logo at the most basic. We were also allowed to add other graphic elements if necessary if these would provide something extra to the design, albeit not being required.


My shoot was carried out in Kyoto, Japan, at the pedestrian walkway alongside Kamo River, close to Sanjo bridge. This area is known for bars and restaurants hanging over the riverbed on poles (so that the buildings would avoid being taken by floods). These are lit by traditional paper lamps by night, and there are also several traditional crafting stores in the area – from which I bought Japanese washi paper. Hence, I decided to make a poster for a fictional washi paper company based in Kyoto, called Washi Kyoto.

Project Details

October 10, 2018

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